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My name is Veronika and I'd love to welcome you all here at

my site. 

If you got to this website, I suppose that you probably feel like a burnt out mom, or a bit useless mom. Or both :-D! Or maybe you just want to have a break and have a little laugh with me, so that you are not the only one feeling like the greatest  


under the sun in your new "profession" of


Because lots of times it isn't! Many times, instead of the greatest mother you find a super tired, greasy, completely worn out blank face staring at you in the mirror. True story! 





I have never been good at long introductions and I do not want to bore you to death (you have cartoons for that already ;-). SO here is who I am in bullet points:

  • I come from Banska Bystrica, a small town in Slovakia and after 12 years of studies, traveling, enjoying my life, discovering the world, volunteering, falling in love, un-falling in love,... I have found myself back at the doorstep of my mom's and dad's, back home. 

  • Within those 12 years, I have managed to get married twice (luckily, to the same British man), give birth to 2 children and change 4 jobs

  • I was born in 1987, so today I am 31 but mentally, I think I must be about 80 now :D

  • I spent my last 5 years living in the United Arab Emirates (sometimes also) in 50 degrees heats, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which felt "lovely" 




How I became a "mAmateur"

With all honesty, the kids they just somehow happened to us. Alright, ... you know what I mean. Back then, with my boyfriend Steve we had no plans whatsoever to start a family. What we did plan though was lots of traveling, party every

other Friday, and oh... a big career! This is a very crucial and key point to understand why I call myself a mAmateur. I was so far from even thinking of becoming a mom that when it happened, I felt like the biggest amateur there ever was. In motherhood. When we saw that gigantic eye poking PLUS on the pregnancy test, I think we stopped breathing for about 5 minutes. This is how we happened to have our firstborn, son Michael. And in a very similar way, we got to welcome the second gigantic plus on the test, which later on became our daughter Evelyn. I'm not gonna lie to you, it was a face slap of such strength that it took me a decent couple of months, if not years to accept that we are parents now.
It is all better now, although I still feel like the biggest amateur in the entire universe sometimes. I'm sorry,
mAmateur ;).


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